• Optical Fibre Cables

    Optical Fibre Cables for communication is a communication link for transmission of optical signals, whose core comprises a certain quantity of optical fibres arranged in a certain alignment wrapped by sheath and even oversheath.

  • Optical Fibre

    Optical fibre for communication is an instrument for optical conduction on the total reflection principle that applies to fibres made from glass or plastics, for the purpose of long-distance delivery of information typically.

  • ODN

    Optical Distribution Network (ODN) is a modularized and highly flexible in-building or campus channel of information transmission. It is composed of transmission medium, relevant connection hardware (e.g., distribution frame, optical fibre patch cord, optical fibre pigtail, socket, plug, or adapter) and electrical protection equipment among others.


    Communication cable refers to cable for transmission of telephone, telegraph, fax, TV, radio, data and other electric signals. It is stranded from more than one pairs of mutually insulated conductors.

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