• 2024.04.30[Nanfang_News]Improving vocational skills to support enterprise development
  • 2024.04.23[Nanfang_News]Exquisite in craftsmanship and meticulous in every detail
  • 2024.03.15[Nanfang_News]The group trade union was awarded the title of "Excellent Trade Union Organization in Changzhou City"
  • 2024.03.14[Nanfang_News]"Plant" this green and green, go to the mountains of spring together
  • 2024.03.08[Nanfang_News]Standing tall and shining brightly
  • 2024.02.24[Nanfang_News]Xinguang Footprints, Striving for Years
  • 2024.02.07[Nanfang_News]Seize the opportunity, act diligently, accumulate strength, and burst forth
  • 2024.02.01[Nanfang_News]Strengthening safety awareness and improving safety quality
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