The high temperature condolences to the front line, and the wholehearted fighting spirit is high!


"Bake test" at high temperature

Walking into the busy production lines of the Nanfang Communication Workshop, the rumbling of the machine makes people feel the urgency of the task. With the high temperature of nearly 40 degrees in the back workshop, I was sweating all over my body without doing anything. However, the employees skillfully change trays, load materials, connect belts, and arrange lines. Their sweat has already soaked their work clothes, but they are still motivated; the logistics dispatchers and forklift workers in the open-air work area are meticulously sorting and shipping under the scorching sun , To ensure the successful completion of the last process. In the face of the severe high-temperature "baking" experience, all employees of Nanfang Communications are not afraid of difficulties, stick to their posts with passion, labor and sweat, and perform a moving movement of fighting high temperatures, fighting scorching heat, and protecting tasks. Work hard to achieve the company's annual goals.




"Cool" in summer

1. Government leaders condolences to frontline staff

Perseverance in the sweltering heat is "valuable", and care under the high temperature "going heart". In this canopy day, the leaders of Luoyang Township government have a heart for the grassroots, visited the frontline, went to the production site, expressed condolences to the cadres and employees who stick to their posts, personally sent coolness, care, and thanks to the frontline employees. Thank the employees for their hard work for the beautiful Luoyang.




2. Group leaders give "coolness"

On the morning of August 2nd, general manager Shi Ming, the leader of the company group, personally led the various functional departments to the Yingke Communication production site to show condolences to all the employees who are struggling with the high temperature, and personally sent them summer heatstroke prevention items, bringing strands to the employees. Cool". And urged all employees to put safety first, arrange time reasonably, and pay attention to the combination of work and rest.





The "cool party" in the company

In order to effectively protect the health of employees and minimize the harm caused by heat stroke, the company’s logistics department has carried out various high-temperature protection activities to actively respond to the difficulties and inconveniences caused by high-temperature weather and ensure the company’s various The work is carried out in an orderly manner, and a "sunshade" is supported for employees with care. Using WeChat and exhibition boards to widely publicize the basic knowledge and methods to prevent high temperature and heat stroke, the company purchased Huoxiang Zhengqi water, refreshing oil, Rendan and other heatstroke prevention and cooling products. In response to the hot weather, the staff canteen reasonably arranged summer meals, increased the varieties of cold dishes, and continuously improved the quality of meals. Every day, prepare mung bean soup and other foods to relieve heat and help employees quench their thirst. The company also adopts effective measures such as setting up air-conditioned rest rooms and adding ventilation and cooling devices in the production line for high-temperature work sites to improve the working conditions of high-temperature operations, reduce labor intensity, and reduce high-temperature operations to ensure the health of employees.

High temperature is a big "roasting" field, in this big "roasting", it truly reflects the humanistic goodwill of Nanfang Communications.


Canteen refreshing food


Workshop cooling measures


Tribute to the workers who are fighting on the front line of high temperature!

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